About Us

Ph.D. 1989 (Johns Hopkins Univ.)
B.Sc. 1984 (Saint Mary's College Maryland)

  • Professor
  • Psychiatry
  • Cellular and Physiological Sciences

E-mail: thmurphy@mail.ubc.ca thmurphy at ubc.ca
Phone: (604) 822-0705

General areas of research:

Structure-function of brain circuits in relation to stroke.  High resolution imaging of individual synapses and sensorimotor circuits in live mice to provide insight into mechanisms of initial stroke damage and stroke recovery.  We are currently focusing on understanding how sensory and motor circuits compensate after stroke.

CNS synaptic plasticity/physiology mesoscale level:  in vivo imaging of synaptic interactions and sensorimotor processing, novel brain mapping procedures using optogenetics.

Automated mouse brain imaging and brain stimulation:  we develop models of neurological and psychiatric disease that employ internet enabled mouse homecages that are used to manipulate and assess brain activty.